Collecting Beer and Brewery Collectibles in Minnesota.

North Star Chapter

Collectors Club

The North Star Chapter Breweriana club was formed as the 10th chapter of the national collectors’ club on the 8th of April, 1973. It was then known as the Beer Can Collectors of America (BCCA). It was also the time when the beer can collecting craze of the 1970s was starting to take off.

As times have changed, so has the North Star Chapter. While the focus was almost entirely on beer cans in the early years, member interest has expanded into all forms of breweriana. The later collection expanded to bottles, signs, openers, advertising pieces, and other collectibles.

Recognized Chapter

The North Star Chapter is a recognized chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA), American Breweriana Association (ABA) and National Association of Breweriana Advertising (NABA).

The North Star Chapter produces a quarterly newsletter that profiles collectors, feature stories about the hobby, and a calendar listing of upcoming events, where collectors have an opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts.

We attract people all over the country with our one-of-a-kind brewery collectibles.

North Star Chapter

Active Club Members

Today, the North Star Chapter has over 300 active members, who are mostly from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We also have other active members from several other states and one Canadian province.

Hosting Breweriana Shows

The Chapter hosts a number of breweriana shows every year,

  • Guzzle 'n Twirl in Maplewood, Minnesota
  • Springfest in Bloomington, Minnesota (every March)
  • Smaller venues in Minnesota and western Wisconsin
North Star Chapter